Friday, August 26, 2005

A typhoon named 'Mawar'?

Never knew that one day I would come across 'Mawar', with me in a slightly bewildered state. I have always thought that the name 'Mawar' is a very gentle person, but today, 'Mawar' showed a different facet to her character and struck Tokyo! 'Mawar', used to be a popular name for Malay girls is also the Malay name for the flower, Rose.

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However this 'Mawar' is no ordinary person. Some clever chap over at Malaysian Meteorological Department [MMD] (of the Ministry of Science, Technology & Innovation) has found that this gentle name should be given to typhoon! Clever indeed! Among the other names that have been proposed to the Severe Weather Information Centre, World Meteorological Organization, are, Jelawat (name of a fish, a.k.a. Sultan fish), Melor (name of a flower, in english is Jasmine), Meranti (type of tree), Merbuk (name of bird, in english is spotted-necked dove) , Nangka (fruit, in english jack-fruit), Rumbia (palm tree that yeilds sago), Nuri (name of bird, in english is Blue crowned parroquet), Sepat and Tapah (names of Malaysian fresh-water fishes). Then again, I guess most meteorologist have the knack of naming typhoons with odd names, try browsing the list of names proposed by different nationalities here. Those chaps over at MMD also do weather forecast, among their other jobs.

As much as I wonder how Allah swt. goes around with the whole works, natural disaster such as this typhoon normally reminds those who are Muslims to remember the Greatness of Allah swt. My heart goes to the families and the country suffering the typhoon and thankful that Malaysia is generally considered to be beyond the typhoon's wrath!

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Typhoon Mawar by Nasa
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The Star Online > Worldupdates

August 26, 2005

Typhoon Mawar lands near Tokyo, kills one

TOKYO (Reuters) - A powerful typhoon made landfall near Tokyo early on Friday, killing one person and injuring at least four others in strong winds and heavy rain.

Typhoon Mawar hit Chiba City, just east of Tokyo, around 4:30 a.m. Friday (1930 GMT Thursday), the Meteorological Agency said, flooding roads, knocking out power and forcing some residents to evacuate.

The storm was just off the coast of Ibaraki prefecture around 100 km east of the capital as of 8:35 a.m. (2330 GMT), the agency said.

Waves hit a lighthouse in Fuji as Typhoon Mawar approaches the Japanese mainland in Fuji, near Mount Fuji, August 25, 2005. (REUTERS/Kyodo)
It was heading northeast at 25 km an hour and was expected to head out into the Pacific Ocean and become an tropical depression early Saturday, the agency said. The storm had weakened, but winds at its centre were gusting up to 108 km an hour.

In Shizuoka prefecture west of Tokyo, a 55-year-old man died after falling off a roof and four others were injured, including a man whose skull was broken by a falling signboard, public broadcaster NHK said.

In Chiba prefecture, more than 3,500 households were without electricity and some 450 families were evacuated because of floods and the danger of landslides, NHK said.

The storm, named for a type of flower in the Malay language, had disrupted travel, forcing the cancellation of flights and express trains out of Tokyo. Train operations were still not back to normal in some parts of Chiba.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Research findings refuted, what does the UPM don has to say in reply?

Dr Chua, the Health Minister, while refuting a Universiti Putra Malaysia study that more than one million smokers in the country had quit smoking, said that the university should have done more research.

We checked and found the figures are not correct. We counterchecked with the cigarette companies and they admitted the number has actually gone up.

We hope when universities do studies related to medical condition or services, they should not just depend on data input.

They should also get feedback from us before making and publishing the conclusion,” he added, maintaining the ministry’s stand that the number of smokers – especially among women – is going up."

What does this means to the academician at Universiti Putra Malaysia, especially those at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences? This research was conducted using IRPA (Intensification of Research in Priority Areas) fund given out by the Science, Technology and Innovation Ministry. What does the associate Professor has to say? I can't find Associate Prof Lekhraj Rampal personal or official homepage, but his particulars are here. What does the statement by the minister say about the don's scholarship?

The Star Online > Nation

Wednesday August 24, 2005

Cigarettes: Ban on 14-stick packs put off

PUTRAJAYA: Cigarettes in packs of 14 will still be in the market until 2010, following a Cabinet decision to defer the ban on the sales of such packs.

Announcing this, Health Minister Datuk Dr Chua Soi Lek said the decision was made in the interest of the 13,000 tobacco farmers in Terengganu and Kelantan.

“The Cabinet, during a recent discussion on ratifying the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, felt that cigarette packets of anything less than 14 should not be in the market.

“So a pack of 14s can still be in the market until 2010. That is the Cabinet decision,” he told reporters after launching his ministry’s Merdeka celebrations here yesterday.

“That decision was made because tobacco farmers in Terengganu and Kelantan have been unable to move on to other cash crops and they need a longer period for adjustment,” he added.

The decision to ban packs of 10 cigarettes from next year, however, remains.

The Government had decided last year to limit the sale of cigarettes to packs of 20s from next June.

Dr Chua said the ministry will be meeting tobacco companies on the best way to put up warning signs on the dangers of smoking.

“We need feedback from them. We can assure the cigarette companies that we will give them a fair hearing and will not compromise on their branding,” he added.

The minister refuted a Universiti Putra Malaysia study that more than one million smokers in the country had quit smoking, saying that the university should have done more research.

“We checked and found the figures are not correct. We counterchecked with the cigarette companies and they admitted the number has actually gone up.

“We hope when universities do studies related to medical condition or services, they should not just depend on data input.

“They should also get feedback from us before making and publishing the conclusion,” he added, maintaining the ministry’s stand that the number of smokers – especially among women – is going up.

Dr Chua also admitted that the Tak Nak anti-smoking campaign launched early last year had not been effective.

“We are launching a new Tak Nak campaign, which will be featured more on television and involve NGOs. There will be no more billboards.”

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A mockery of the Tak Nak campaign

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Peer pressure leads to smoking

Peer pressure is the main reason youths smoke. An astonishing 46.6 per cent of those aged between 15 and 25 years said they lit their first cigarette when a friend asked them to try it.

Equally disturbing is that 36.7 per cent of youths in this age group smoked their first cigarette "for fun".

Associate Prof Lekhraj Rampal, of Universiti Putra Malaysia in Serdang, said: "If we tackle the problem of smoking among this age group, they will not grow up to be adult smokers."

The other reasons youths smoked were to ease tension (8.1 per cent) and they thought it was stylish (2.7).

"Some even gave the excuse that since a parent smoked, they did too," he said, adding this was 1.8 per cent.

Prof Rampal was lead researcher of a 10-month study, carried out by the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences last year, which polled 1,046 youths on this topic.

The study, funded by the Intensification of Research in Priority Areas under the Science, Technology and Innovation Ministry, also polled 4,705 youths, aged between 15 and 25 as well, to gauge the number of smokers.

Of the 2,080 male youths, 39.2 per cent were smokers while for females, it was 1.2 per cent of the 2,625 respondents.

Of the 1,229 Malay male respondents, 46.3 per cent were smokers and for the 1,632 female respondents, it was one per cent.

The study also polled 340 Chinese males and 19.7 per cent responded that they were smokers.

"In the case of the 374 Chinese female respondents, 2.1 per cent were smokers."

Of the 232 Indian males polled, 21.6 per cent were smokers while of the 345 Indian females, less than 0.5 per cent were smokers.

"In other words, 18 per cent of people in this age group are smokers," he said. Dr Rampal, who is also chairman of the Malaysian Medical Association’s committee on Action on Smoking and Health (ASH), said the committee was willing to offer technical expertise to the authorities to curb smoking among youths.

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Monday, August 08, 2005

Pasca Akademi Fantasia 3 - Apa pendapatan anda semua?

Post AF3 nie, disudahi dengan kemenangan besar Mawi bolot segala-galanya, apa pendapatan you all?

Conspiracies aside, I personally believed that the support that Mawi gets is due to:-
1. Girls voting for a religious chap due to their tendencies in seeking for a religious life-partner, someone to guide them to akhirat ultimately, bukan untuk kebahagiaan dunia sahaja.
2. Emak-mak menyukai character orang beragama dan berakhlak unutk menjadi menantu, menyelamatkan anak-anak gadis mereka dan juga memulakan keluarga Islamik sejati dimasa hadapan, insyAllah.
3. Other individuals who could relate to the sufferings of commoners (golongan marhain) in order to succeed. This might be based on their own life-experiences of making good after suffering before, or based on their aspiration in being successfull while living a very hard life now, and before.
4. Intelectuals do not really vote but watch the series just for the sake of entertainment / academic interest.

Those are my takes. What say you all?

ps ... Saleha yang mawi nyanyi tu nama nenek aku, allahyarham Saleha Mohd Rose. Semoga Allah swt menambahkan rahmat keatas Allahyarham dan menempatkannya bersama golongan berjaya diJannah. Kalau dapat anak pompuan, boleh bagi nama nie kot?

The images of the finalists are courtesy of's gallery:




What other's have to say on this thingy?






at TranungKite.

Ahmadhadeed indicated there that '"Ibu Mawi mahu anak lelaki yang disayangi nya itu mengikuti kursus Bilal di Johor. Ibu Mawi mahu Mawi menjaga Rumah Allah serta melaungkan azan disubuh hari , memangil ummat Islam bangkit dari tidur lena untuk solat dan jangan mensyirikan Allah. Namun ayah Mawi mahu Mawi menjadi penyanyi Nasheed termashur saperti Raihan dan Rabbani , supaya Mawi dapat menyampaikan daawah , memanggil Ummat Islam kasih kepada Allah dan Rasul melalui lagu dan irama . Semua nya mempunyai niat baik termasuk Mawi. Mawi memang dianugerah Allah mempunyai suara yang baik untuk membaca ayat Allah dan berzanji meriwayat seerah rasulullah.

Ayah Mawi tidak tahu apakah Akademi Fantasia sebenarnya. Mungkin bapa Mawi ingat , Akademi Fantasia itu adalah sekolah swasta yang mengajar budak budak muda berbakat perbetul suara, supaya jangan pecah semasa bernasheed. Apa salah nya. Bapa Mawi tidak tahu Akademi Fantasia adalah satu intitusi ala yahudi , merekrut anak muda berbakat suara , membuang sifat malu dan halal haram untuk menjadi penghibur yang berani menentang budaya islam , yang boleh menyebut perkataan Allah diatas pentas dalam keadaan dipenuhi penyanyi gelek ala padang pasir

.. Bapa Mawi mungkin tidak tahu bahawa anaknya akan menjadi mangsa kepada ASTRO yang bukan setakat mengaut untung dari langganan tetapi mempunyai niat jahat menjadikan masyarakat islam nusantara sebagai masyarakat MTV.Kalau Setan Pin di puja oleh sami hindu sebagai tuhan , kini Astro juga cuba mendewakan Mawi sebagai Dewa Penghibur supaya pemuda pemudi Islam melaung , melolong mendewa Mawi dalam roadshow Concert Mawi seluruh negara. Mungkin ini akan memenangkan pilihanraya UMNO akan datang.

Mawi mara kehadapan dengan lagu bertenaga dan islamik bertajuk Intifadah . Semua terpegun mendengar suara Mawi. Apabila mereka tahu Mawi pandai bersilat dan pandai membaca quran , penonton lagi bertambah kagum.Namun Guru Besar Akademi Fantasia dan ASTRO tidak mahu Mawi menggunakan platform ASTRO untuk memuji Allah dan Rasul. Maka Mawi dipaksi beraksi dalam keadaan haram , bercampur perempuan lelaki dalam lagu O fatimah , menyebut nama Allah sambil dikelilingi oleh wanita separuh telanjang yang bergelek ala arab jahiliyyah dalam lagu nuru Ain dan menyanyi lagu hindustan dengan tangan didada saperti menyembah berhala.Kesian Mawi, budak muda Islam yang menjadi mangsa ASTRO yang memang menjadi penyebar fasad paling besar melalui rancangannya di Malaysia.

Bagaimana Mawi dirosakkan?Ia melalui satu process saperti juga BTN mengdoktrin anak orang Islam jadi sekular malay. Photo menunjukkan bagaimana process mawi di indokrinasi supaya hancur akhlak nya.
' Also at TranungKite. His full comment with interesting images could be found here!

The regular commenters for the Akademi Fantasia and very popular with hits are Sultan Muzafar at his blog, titled 'dari isi pandangan....'; few others such as Juan Danza, Mawi's #1 fan, in her own words at his blog, as well as this simple chap, rakyat biasa, or sikapitan, at this blog. You'll get a good undestanding of the common teenagers outlook on this popular program. Err, there's even one for an english speaker here.

A sorry start of 2005/26 for Arsenal

Reading 'BBC SPORT | Football | Chelsea 2-1 Arsenal' makes me wonder about the new season for Arsenal.

Chelsea 2-1 Arsenal

A Didier Drogba brace guided Chelsea to victory in the Community Shield.

Drogba's goals came early in each half, the Chelsea striker deftly bringing down Asier Del Horno's pass and then clipping a volley in on eight minutes.

On 52 minutes the Ivory Coast striker shrugged off tackles from Philippe Senderos, Lauren and Jens Lehmann before guiding a rising shot home.

Cesc Fabregas quickly pulled a goal back for Arsenal, sliding the ball in after Freddie Ljungberg crossed.

A new season might have arrived, but on the evidence of Sunday's game it could be a case of same old story for Premiership holders Chelsea.

Last season Jose Mourinho's side had the meanest goals against record in the Premiership and for long periods Chelsea's defensive blanket smothered Arsenal's attack.

Great result, but today's performance convinces me that we need Essien
From MG
Chief smotherer was Claude Makelele who broke up a succession of Arsenal attacks.

Chelsea goalkeeper Petr Cech had a typically solid game, his best save coming from Kolo Toure, pushing the central defender's shot past the post.

That it was an Arsenal defender who provided the FA Cup holders' best chance in the opening half summed up their attack's deficiencies, with Thierry Henry doing his best work out on the flanks.

For Chelsea's attack, Mourinho had left Hernan Crespo on the bench, opting to deploy Drogba as a lone striker.

Drogba had a difficult initiation into English football last season - managing just 10 Premiership goals - and over the summer he complained Mourinho had demanded too much from him in terms of defensive work.

But his goals demonstrating strength and speed highlighted why Mourinho paid £24m for him last summer.

On eight minutes Drogba was quicker to read the flight of Del Horno's pass than Senderos and after controlling the ball on his chest, the Chelsea striker struck a neat volley past Lehmann.

If Drogba's first goal was primarily a demonstration of his technique, his second was all about brute strength.

Eidur Gudjohnsen flicked on to free Drogba, who shrugged off Senderos's tackle and against all the odds remained on his feet after Lehmann and Lauren tried to clear the danger.

The Chelsea striker then had the composure to curl the ball into the roof of the net.

Eight minutes later Arsenal forced their way back into the game after Fabregas side-footed past Cech after Ljungberg crossed from the right.

With 22 minutes remaining Mourinho introduced Shaun Wright Phillips, though the former Manchester City winger had a quiet game.

The two teams renew their rivalry in a fortnight when Arsenal meet Chelsea at Stamford Bridge in the Premiership.

Chelsea: Cech, Paulo Ferreira, Gallas, Terry, Del Horno, Makelele, Lampard (Geremi 90), Duff (Joe Cole 74), Robben (Wright-Phillips 69), Drogba (Crespo 59), Gudjohnsen (Tiago 58).
Subs Not Used: Cudicini, Ricardo Carvalho.

Booked: Makelele, Lampard.

Goals: Drogba 8, 57.

Arsenal: Lehmann, Lauren (Hoyte 78), Toure, Senderos (Cygan 72), Cole, Ljungberg (Reyes 72), Fabregas, Flamini (Hleb 45), Pires (Silva 45), Bergkamp (Van Persie 45), Henry.
Subs Not Used: Howard.

Booked: Fabregas.

Goals: Fabregas 65.

Att: 58,014.

Ref: Howard Webb (England).

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Apa tersembunyi disebalik fasinasi ke atas Mawi AF3?

Membaca artikel berita 'Mawi: This is just like a dream', tidak mengejutkan sama sekali.

Yang paling utama, siapa 'pemenang' - bak kata Vince tu? Yang pasti Astro dapat banyak duit, telephone operators dapat banyak duit, yang habis duit sapa?


The Star Online > Nation

Mawi: This is just like a dream

KUALA LUMPUR: For the reported 1.6 million viewers who have been following Akademi Fantasia 3 for the last 10 weeks, Mawi's victory last night came as no surprise.

But for the 24-year-old from Johor, whose huge popularity has created a Mawi mania, he could not believe that he had won.

“This is just like a dream. This is a blessing from God,’’ said a teary Mawi, or Asmawi Ani at Stadium Malawati, Shah Alam.

Mawi's fantasy has become a reality and this Suzuki Swift is proof that he is truly a winner.
The former DJ's phenomenal popularity saw people coming up with Mawi merchandise such as t-shirts, car stickers and magazines, but he seems to be the only one who does not know he is hot.

Instead, he is incredulous about his popularity and felt that the others were better than him.

“I didn't know I am such an idol. I don't know what is so special about me. I am so shocked with the votes,” he told reporters.

Mawi also swept the Best Vocal and Best Performance titles, leaving nothing for the other three finalists.

The outcome, which was decided through SMS by viewers, was expected as Mawi had always garnered the most votes throughout the third season of the reality show.

Last night he beat his closest rival Felix Agus, 23, from Sabah who came second, while Amylea Azizan, 19, from Kedah came third and Marsha Milan Londoh, 20, from Sabah, was in fourth place.

Mawi and the other finalists (from left) Felix, Amylea and Marsha.
The AF3 champion receives a recording deal and prizes worth RM250,000 (including an apartment, a Suzuki Swift 1.5L, RM20,000 cash, a holiday package to London and Paris, a home theatre system and electrical goods).

For each of the two other titles he also received RM3,000 and a trophy.

Mawi delivered Seroja originally sung by S. Effendi and Aduh Saliha, written by AF3 principal M. Nasir.

Though he has been said not to be the best of the singers, Mawi's popularity has been attributed to his wholesome personality that appealed to the Malay viewers.

Mawi also confirmed that he was engaged to be married to a girl “I like and who is my choice”.

Earlier, the down-to-earth lad thanked the academy's teachers for teaching him dance moves.

“I was kayu (stiff) then but I am not so kayu now,” he said.

The first runner-up took home prizes worth RM45,000 including RM10,000 cash, a holiday package to London and a home theatre system. The second runner-up received prizes worth RM35,000 including RM5,000 cash, a holiday package to London and a home theatre system.

The fourth place winner walked off with prizes worth RM25,000 including RM4,000 cash, a holiday package to Bali and a home theatre system.

The hugely popular Akademi Fantasia is one of the most watched programmes on Astro Ria and has captivated many fans with its interesting premise.

In Johor Baru, a 10-minute fireworks display broke out at the Padang Awam Felda Taib Andak when Mawi won his second award.

At least 3,000 fans had gathered there to cheer for their local boy.

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Friday, August 05, 2005

Bantuan semasa kesusahan : Tanggungjawab bersama

I have been slightly depressed these past week, recalling how would my family survive in this 'lovely' country of ours, if any ill-fate were to separate me from them. Allah swt is the provider yes, but how does this provision arrives?

A former alumni of mine, SDARA, sekolah Dato' Abdul Razak alumni has been diagnosed by his medical doctors that he is suffering from a form of cancer and is now under some medicational treatment in one of the local hospital.

Unfortunately for him, his employers deemed fit to terminate him from his contract-employment since he could not serve them during this testing time of him. They used the book and choose to relieve him of his job, without even considering his mental health at this testing time of pain!

The corporation could at least play a very compasionate role and help him nurse his illness instead of terminating his service, but then, that's corporation, a capitalistic one! Instead of winning over the public with an excellent media drive through a meagre financial loss in helping an employee, this corporation becomes a silly master instead!

Wanna see his termination letter? It's here. You need access to this group membership to view it, else, you have to take my word for it.

In the meantime, I am joining all of my fellow bretheren in the group to pray for Saifulezry's sppedy recovery and better health. InsyAllah, Allah makes things easy for you, Saifulezry.

This is what I wrote in our alumni yahoogroup posting.

From: "Aznijar Ahmad-Yazid"
Date: Thu Aug 4, 2005 11:02 am
Subject: Re: Update sdara Saifulezry (Atuk 926)
Offline Offline
Send Email Send Email
--- In, Iswadi Ismail wrote:
> Assalamualaikum,
> Saya berkesempatan berjumpa dengan sdara Atuk pada hari isnin lepas >di
> HKL... Minum bersamanya diluar wad memandangkan waktu melawat dah

Good for you as well as for Atuk. I will join you all in praying for
his speedy recovery.

On his employment, or his termination by PTPTN, I guess they are just
going by the book, since he was employed as a contract officer, and
PTPTN used a particular clause to terminate his service.

One of the best thing that could be done is by highlighting the issue
in the media! This headline 'PTPTN forsake employee who is struggling
in cancer fight' could kill, I guess. Maybe a press conference can be
held by SDARA, with the president throwing his weight to support,
PTPTN can be made to consider their previous decision.

I know PTPTN used the book, but where do compassion and humane came
in? This is one of the sorry state of affairs in the country. PTPTN
could do wonders in their public relations if they could highlight
Atuk's case and their effort in continuosly supporting Atuk
through-out his tribulation.

I know talk is cheap, but that is Malaysia actually.

aznijar .... Malu hidup di era dan post MM!