Sunday, February 11, 2007

What turns them that way...

I have read the two beatings of toddler tonight, one a fatal one in Klang. Sad, very sad. What made them do the heinous act in the first place?

Life is precious, each and everyone of them. Respect for the right of others should be the order of the day.

My prayers for the surviving child, Sunny, as well as the dead one, un-named in the other report.

Innalillahiwainnailahirajiun. Allahuakbar.

In case you missed both of the reports, I have 'cut-and-paste' them below:-
----Case 1----

Boy's two-year nightmare over

11 February, 2007

JOHOR BARU: He has been treated more like a punching bag over the the past two years. On Wednesday, the suffering of the four-year-old boy at the hands of a close relative ended when he was rescued.

The boy is now in hospital after he was taken from his low-cost house in Taman Daya here by MCA Pasir Gudang members and police who were alerted of the abuse by a neighbour.

Identified only as Sunny, the boy’s body was covered with bruises and he has difficulties standing straight due to injuries to his spine and knees.

There were also strangulation marks on his neck and burn marks on his back.

Doctors at the Sultanah Aminah Hospital are compiling a report to be submitted to the police who will then decide on whether to charge the close relative.

MCA Pasir Gudang division crime prevention squad chairman Lim Thaw Siang said a neighbour said the boy was not only constantly abused but also denied food.

"We went to the house with the police and took him to the Johor Jaya police station. Upon seeing the injuries, police sent him to the hospital," he said, adding the neighbour alleged the beatings usually took place at midnight.

The boy’s father, a fish-monger, said he worked long hours and could not always be with his son.

He said he had advised the close relative to stop the abuse but this was ignored.

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----Case 2----

Man held in probe into death of son

11 February, 2007

KLANG: An odd-job worker is alleged to have kicked his two-year-old son to death in a fit of rage, stuffed the body in a bag and threw it into a drain in Rantau Panjang here two weeks ago. The father of seven then threatened the family into silence.

Realising he was in deep trouble, the man threatened his wife and the other children to keep the death a secret or face a similar fate.

His 26-year-old wife, thinking the child was still alive, had earlier pleaded with him to send the toddler to hospital but the man refused.

Police sources said the man locked the house every time he went out, keeping the family prisoner in their home.

But their break came when he left the back door unlocked on Thursday. His wife took the opportunity to escape and inform a relative about the incident.

A report was lodged on Thursday night at the district police headquarters with a police team being dispatched immediately to the house.

On seeing the police, the suspect bolted, but a police dog unit later found him hiding in nearby bushes. He was arrested about 1am yesterday.

He is believed to have shown the place where the body was allegedly thrown, but police have yet to recover it.

Investigations also revealed that the suspect may have also been abusing his other children as they had bruises on their bodies. The oldest child also had a fracture on his left hand.

The children were sent to the Tengku Ampuan Rahimah hospital here for a medical examination.

Police have got a six-day remand order for the suspect.

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