Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Double standard!

This is the thought translated into a yahoogroup posting of my alumni.
Thanks for the pointer. Very eye-catchy kan?

Walau macam mana pun, beginilah lumrah semasa sekarang...

Begitu jugaklah dengan publication weightage, kalau citation journal punya tinggi markah, tapi kalau local publications macam IEM journal or any local journals, pandang sebelah mata pun dah kira bagus...

I personally would love Malaysian to contribute locally and the product to be given just similar treatment if not higher than non-local publications. Reason being, the knowledge could be imparted to all locals first, be shared by locals first and then to be capitalized by locals first. Ini tidak, kalau publish kat luar, orang luar lah capitalize dulu!

When locals publish in local publications, especially guna bahasa Melayu, barulah researchers with non-malay capability kena belajar bahasa melayu, or setidak-tidaknya babel-fish kena develop online translation malay-english!

That's a load of bulls from me on the few early hours of fasting,

--- In, M**d Adib A***** N** wrote:
> Let me give a price range of the cost of training approved by Malaysian
> government for a concession company:
> Local lecturer-RM 280 per person per day
> Foreign lecturer-RM 650 --ditto-
> The most expensive talk I ever attended was by Prof John Kotter at MIM-RM
> 1800 per head for a day! The cheapest one is a free one lah.
> ---Adib
> On 10/4/05, nawawi04@s... wrote:
> >
> > ...bisnes ggaponamo nih...
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