Sunday, August 07, 2005

Apa tersembunyi disebalik fasinasi ke atas Mawi AF3?

Membaca artikel berita 'Mawi: This is just like a dream', tidak mengejutkan sama sekali.

Yang paling utama, siapa 'pemenang' - bak kata Vince tu? Yang pasti Astro dapat banyak duit, telephone operators dapat banyak duit, yang habis duit sapa?


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Mawi: This is just like a dream

KUALA LUMPUR: For the reported 1.6 million viewers who have been following Akademi Fantasia 3 for the last 10 weeks, Mawi's victory last night came as no surprise.

But for the 24-year-old from Johor, whose huge popularity has created a Mawi mania, he could not believe that he had won.

“This is just like a dream. This is a blessing from God,’’ said a teary Mawi, or Asmawi Ani at Stadium Malawati, Shah Alam.

Mawi's fantasy has become a reality and this Suzuki Swift is proof that he is truly a winner.
The former DJ's phenomenal popularity saw people coming up with Mawi merchandise such as t-shirts, car stickers and magazines, but he seems to be the only one who does not know he is hot.

Instead, he is incredulous about his popularity and felt that the others were better than him.

“I didn't know I am such an idol. I don't know what is so special about me. I am so shocked with the votes,” he told reporters.

Mawi also swept the Best Vocal and Best Performance titles, leaving nothing for the other three finalists.

The outcome, which was decided through SMS by viewers, was expected as Mawi had always garnered the most votes throughout the third season of the reality show.

Last night he beat his closest rival Felix Agus, 23, from Sabah who came second, while Amylea Azizan, 19, from Kedah came third and Marsha Milan Londoh, 20, from Sabah, was in fourth place.

Mawi and the other finalists (from left) Felix, Amylea and Marsha.
The AF3 champion receives a recording deal and prizes worth RM250,000 (including an apartment, a Suzuki Swift 1.5L, RM20,000 cash, a holiday package to London and Paris, a home theatre system and electrical goods).

For each of the two other titles he also received RM3,000 and a trophy.

Mawi delivered Seroja originally sung by S. Effendi and Aduh Saliha, written by AF3 principal M. Nasir.

Though he has been said not to be the best of the singers, Mawi's popularity has been attributed to his wholesome personality that appealed to the Malay viewers.

Mawi also confirmed that he was engaged to be married to a girl “I like and who is my choice”.

Earlier, the down-to-earth lad thanked the academy's teachers for teaching him dance moves.

“I was kayu (stiff) then but I am not so kayu now,” he said.

The first runner-up took home prizes worth RM45,000 including RM10,000 cash, a holiday package to London and a home theatre system. The second runner-up received prizes worth RM35,000 including RM5,000 cash, a holiday package to London and a home theatre system.

The fourth place winner walked off with prizes worth RM25,000 including RM4,000 cash, a holiday package to Bali and a home theatre system.

The hugely popular Akademi Fantasia is one of the most watched programmes on Astro Ria and has captivated many fans with its interesting premise.

In Johor Baru, a 10-minute fireworks display broke out at the Padang Awam Felda Taib Andak when Mawi won his second award.

At least 3,000 fans had gathered there to cheer for their local boy.

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