Sunday, July 24, 2005

WWW-less for a week or so

How would you describe your life with no WWW? Not sure myself.

Was, am still in Kelantan. Home with no broadband, I decided not to bring home my notebook. Have not browsed the net for about 6 days. No problem, not withdrawal syndrome, but I do miss reading the news other than the ones presented by the Astro networks, you know, un-bias-ed Malaysian titbits.

Now at a cyber-cafe in Wakaf Che' Yeh. My son doing his games on, and me, browsing for news, writing to my mates at yahoogroups, as well as catching up with the latest at PPS. The only thing that I miss today is catching up the kommie thinggy!

See you all again next week, insyAllah.

ps: Glokal? El Loco? Your guess is as good as mine!


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