Monday, July 11, 2005

A dream of GOOD LIFE

Your post about a 'dream car' provoked me into writing about something else. My own dream of life!

I'm dreaming of a good life, actually.

So what does that really mean?

For a start, I guess a roof over your head. Affordable housing could be a good initiative for any caring government. It's still not that good in this country of ours. A simple house could sets someone in a region of RM25000 the least. How could anyone earning RM500 and below dreams of owning their own house with that income. It could be a possibility if only a decent system to be put in place to ensure each and every individual could be helped into owning their own accomodation. A state-run housing board could ensure a minimalist accomodation for everyone. Different sets of housing could be catered for that purpose. The same housing board could also necessitate for an upgrade for anybody who has the need for one, be it for the purpose of 'enlarged' occupant numbers of a change of life-style neccessary to reflect an improvement of earning. Utmost task to this 'hypothetical' institution is to ensure a HOME for each and everyone of us.

Next is employment. Creation of job and the facilitation for employment for everyone. Each individuals should be able to earn a living, in an honest way. To serve this purpose, a decent system of education should be put in place. Free education for the masses up to the highest possible should be made available. Alternative education institution should also be made available for those who are not profficient enough to go through a normal academic learning system, so as to prepare these classes of individuals into a vocational streaming, so that they could employ their expertise in some kind that could help them earn a decent form of income. Education should not be a businese venture where it would be a hindrance to the development of human resource for the country and beyond.

A good social welfare sytem is also necessary to ensure the well-being of citizen. Healthcare provisions should be made to the maximum in order to facilitate a healthy set of community for the nation development.

Infrastructures to support a good living would also include affordable, efficient public transportation as well a well-coordinated network of transportation system. People could move about their life with more ease and interactions between communities and regions be facilitated further.

Well, well, well. So, where do all the monies could come to facilitates all the above. A well structured tax system that tax earning of individuals fairly and to distribute the wealth of the nation equally to all is the ideal solution. Remember that each and everyone of us are related to each other, by virtue of being the product of the union of Adam and Eve, the first two living person on earth. Do unto others what you want to do unto you. Happy neighbours would ensure happier communities and insyAllah, A GOOD LIFE for everyone.

ps: Choose Islam, the only way of life! Learn about it.

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