Monday, July 11, 2005

Credibility of media and news of worthy

Following a very nice piece of blog of AbeDib, I responded with this one.

Bro Adib.
I'm afraid I have to agree with Dr. A Tamil on this matter.

I don't take NST or for that matter any of the regular media seriously at all.

Most headlines of the media are driven by pure capitalistic greed by those connected to the ruling executives. News are created (manufactured? without proper data to back them up, as noted by our good doctor) to ensure someone can push something to the government.

The institution is really without genuine credibility. This is the observation of 'thinkers', and not mere followers.

I am praying that the situation will improve, soon, and Malaysia would fly towards achieving developed nation status.

On the aspect of HIV as well as drug abuse, I am sorry to say that the prevention mechanism that have been in place all these whiles has not been effective. Pemadam has really failed the trust of the nation. On sexually transmitted disease, pure abstaintion and religiously following the teaching of religion would have in itself a defence mechanism for everyone.

HIV testing is recommended from now onwards, but, essentially, the privacy in handling this situation is still a cause of concern.

InsyAllah, mukminin and mukminat will be safe!

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