Friday, August 05, 2005

Bantuan semasa kesusahan : Tanggungjawab bersama

I have been slightly depressed these past week, recalling how would my family survive in this 'lovely' country of ours, if any ill-fate were to separate me from them. Allah swt is the provider yes, but how does this provision arrives?

A former alumni of mine, SDARA, sekolah Dato' Abdul Razak alumni has been diagnosed by his medical doctors that he is suffering from a form of cancer and is now under some medicational treatment in one of the local hospital.

Unfortunately for him, his employers deemed fit to terminate him from his contract-employment since he could not serve them during this testing time of him. They used the book and choose to relieve him of his job, without even considering his mental health at this testing time of pain!

The corporation could at least play a very compasionate role and help him nurse his illness instead of terminating his service, but then, that's corporation, a capitalistic one! Instead of winning over the public with an excellent media drive through a meagre financial loss in helping an employee, this corporation becomes a silly master instead!

Wanna see his termination letter? It's here. You need access to this group membership to view it, else, you have to take my word for it.

In the meantime, I am joining all of my fellow bretheren in the group to pray for Saifulezry's sppedy recovery and better health. InsyAllah, Allah makes things easy for you, Saifulezry.

This is what I wrote in our alumni yahoogroup posting.

From: "Aznijar Ahmad-Yazid"
Date: Thu Aug 4, 2005 11:02 am
Subject: Re: Update sdara Saifulezry (Atuk 926)
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--- In, Iswadi Ismail wrote:
> Assalamualaikum,
> Saya berkesempatan berjumpa dengan sdara Atuk pada hari isnin lepas >di
> HKL... Minum bersamanya diluar wad memandangkan waktu melawat dah

Good for you as well as for Atuk. I will join you all in praying for
his speedy recovery.

On his employment, or his termination by PTPTN, I guess they are just
going by the book, since he was employed as a contract officer, and
PTPTN used a particular clause to terminate his service.

One of the best thing that could be done is by highlighting the issue
in the media! This headline 'PTPTN forsake employee who is struggling
in cancer fight' could kill, I guess. Maybe a press conference can be
held by SDARA, with the president throwing his weight to support,
PTPTN can be made to consider their previous decision.

I know PTPTN used the book, but where do compassion and humane came
in? This is one of the sorry state of affairs in the country. PTPTN
could do wonders in their public relations if they could highlight
Atuk's case and their effort in continuosly supporting Atuk
through-out his tribulation.

I know talk is cheap, but that is Malaysia actually.

aznijar .... Malu hidup di era dan post MM!


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