Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Circumcision 'helps to halt HIV'!

BBC NEWS | Health | coverage on Circumcision 'helps to halt HIV' does not surprises me at all.

What I find missing is that the reason for these circumcised individuals not infected by HIV? Couldn't it be due to religious restrictions?

South Africans who circumcise are most probably Muslims. To be sexually active before marriage as well as being involved in extra-marital sex are both outlawed and not permitted by the religion. Sharing of needles as well as drug abuse are also considered a prohibitive action in Islam. Most probably the number of Muslims invloved in these kinds of vices are very low due to them observing the rules and regulations as prescribed by their religion.

Might this be the cure to HIV/Aids? Islamic rules and regulations? Or the religion Islam itself?


Blogger Kervin said...

Many medical debate has been attributed to the question of whether circumcission is beneficial to humans. Benefits cited ranged from better hygine, less probability of contracting prostrate cancer and various other claims. So far there has not been a concensus for it and many still see circumcission outside religious practices as both mutilating oneself and non beneficial. If like it claims that religion is a factor in inhibiting Muslims from contracting AIDS statistics still shows Africa as being the most affected by the epidemic and even Islamic countries including Malaysia is not immune. A more positive note to contribute to preventing the spread of AIDS is awareness and prevention as well as better healthcare alternatives. As for circumcission it is still up to the individual to choose whatever benefit he perceive he will get from it.

11:18 AM, July 27, 2005  
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